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How to order?

       - Sending your Order is simple:

         On the page online photo printing choose

         PHOTOS the

         DIGITAL PRINTS or

         PHOTO GIFTS.

         By clicking on "Order", you enter the product page and select the photos you want to print from your computer or mobile phone in the "upload" or "Image Upload" field.

After choosing a quantity for each photo, upload them and press "Add to cart". Then you proceed to Complete your Order by filling in your details and choosing a payment and shipping method.

How can I pay;

          Transaction security is our top priority. The safe payment methods on our site are the following:   


       1Payment by debit/credit card Visa/Mastercard etc. and all subcategories of them, through the encrypted system Stripe.       

       2) Deposit to one of our bank Accounts.


Can I call you on the phone?

      -Of course you can. it is not an impersonal ordering platform. I amare workers like and you and available on working days and hours to answerto any questions or concerns you have. 

We try to always be direct and efficient in serving our customers, as we wish to be servedcustomers in our online markets.

Customer service tel. is 210 6528480.

Who can see the photos I send you?

       - The photos of your order are processed only by the person who will print them and are not  visible or available to any third party.

        - They are not stored in public spaces (clouds) on the internet and have no connection to social networks.

        - The final product is sent to you in a secure opaque, closed and sealed package.

         - The photos of your order are deleted from our system automatically, 15 days after the order date.

Can I collect from the store?

        - Yes,  you can pick up your order from our store in Athens, at 18 Phrynis Street in Pagrati.

I made a mistake in ordering...

          -In case of wrong photos being sent, you can inform us by phone or email, and  we will take care of the rest.

         -But if you enter wrong shipping or contact information, we take no responsibility regarding the fate of the order.

How much does shipping cost?

       - Photo orders: The orders aon top of them€15 shipped FREE, with Courier Company  or ELTA. 

CAUTION:  At ordersup to€15, shipping costs are borneto the customer and is paid directly to the courier company.       


        - In other items (digital prints and printable gifts):

           Orders up to€40.00 shipping costs are charged3€50.

           On orders over€40.00, we offer FREE shipping.

Digital printings

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